SB Capital Group offers retail solutions inspired and developed by retailers. Founded and continually operated by merchants and retailers, we are one of the oldest, most sought after professionals for conducting retail events. We’re also the leading provider of new store sets through a program we call OpenRight.

Pop-up Shop

Event sales are a hallmark of our company. Our expertise, attention to detail, and keen insight of all segments of retail are critical elements of our business model. While fundamental to us as retailers, these factors distinguish us within a very competitive industry. We’ve operated event sales for some of the finest names in retail, names anybody would recognize. Our events include grocery stores, discount stores, book stores, electronic stores, furniture stores, specialty stores, and some of the biggest names in luxury retailing.

For new stores, OpenRight by SB Capital Group is an indispensable solution. OpenRight merchants solve problems, resolve conflicts, meet deadlines and exceed expectations. OpenRight can streamline a sometimes complicated process, and bring the desired level of brand uniformity to new store projects.

When experience matters, so does the source.

With an entrepreneurial approach and a commitment to our client’s goals, real retail solutions start with SB Capital Group. As our pedigree confirms, retail is more than just a business we chose to be in….it’s the underlying definition of who we are.