Where others find obstacles, we find solutions.

SB Capital Group’s resources underlie the power to provide innovative financing alternatives to companies across the commercial spectrum. Our investments and affiliation of operating companies give us unique insight into the funding of corporate capital needs.

Whether it’s an equity investment, debt financing, or financing involving non-traditional assets, we help clients achieve their goals. We explore the options, evaluate the alternatives, and deliver customized, end-to-end solutions structured around a variety of assets. As a privately-funded company, we avoid many of the constraints imposed by traditional lenders. We tailor our funding to conform to the needs and requirements of our clients.

For decades, we’ve been a source of rescue and alternative financing for companies of all types and sizes. Our stability and financial strength are central to this activity and allow us to support any strategies we recommend. For powerful, comprehensive financial solutions, discover what many companies already know – discover the reliability and security of SB Capital Group.