Converting under-performing assets into newfound liquidity is an intensive process. Good results require specialized skills and an intimate understanding of business operations. It’s a level of expertise few will acquire, but one we’ve cultivated throughout our history. From our roots in off-price retail and revitalizing distressed companies, SB Capital Group defined the business of asset disposition. We set the standard others must follow.

Minimize your risk. Maximize your recovery.

SB Capital Group provides a wide array of asset disposition services, from guaranteed asset value recovery to acting as a liquidation consultant. As an alternative, we can purchase client assets such as inventory, real estate, and fixtures. We can also purchase an entire business, or one of its operating units.

Clients need flexibility, so we provide options. Our services incorporate our successful operating experience and an in-depth knowledge of disposition activities. We’ve developed an approach to the business of asset disposition that is far more effective, generates higher recoveries, and produces faster liquidity for our clients.

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