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Asset Disposition

SB Capital Group has built a worldwide reputation as the pre-eminent professional services company in asset value maximization.  Finance.  Law.  Management.  Operations.  Marketing.  Logistics.  Real Estate.  They're all here, integrated under one roof and connected to a world of resources and unmatched expertise - a world of fresh new approaches and strategic thinking - a world of sophisticated solutions that encompass a wealth of asset value maximization options and strategies.  Over the years, we have helped hundreds of businesses manage change, restructure assets, turn around dwindling profitability, and convert under-performing assets into new found liquidity - and, we've done it more effectively than anyone else.

Operational Expertise

As an affiliate of the Schottenstein family of companies, our heritage stretches back some 75 years.  Our principals have extensive financial interests in major retail and wholesale operations; internationally recognized licensed brands; commercial, residential and industrial real estate properties; and financial service operations.  Our real-world experience in successful operation of companies is invaluable and engenders trust in clients who seek effective strategies for their own operations.

Experience Provides a Wealth of Options

With the experience gleaned from our own diversified holdings and growth, our services have expanded to meet the comprehensive and global needs of our clients.  SB Capital Group can help clients prepare for any challenge.  Far more than an asset recovery company, we supply an unmatched range of options for maximizing and protecting asset value, revitalizing brand names, restructuring operations and easing transitions.  We help our clients select the best mix of services for their particular needs - all from the industry's most complete suite of asset value maximization services.

Through our successful history of buying businesses and intellectual property, we know how to rebuild a company's assets.  Our roots in retail, wholesale, and manufacturing operations distinguish us from our competitors, and enable us to deliver recommendations to clients that are proven.  Most importantly, our history and experience allows us to help our clients deal with complexity and use it to their advantage.

Global Solutions for Complex Needs

SB Capital Group is uniquely poised to support any strategy we recommend.  Our relationships with major international financial institutions are alliances that ease execution of even the most complex, multi-faceted transactions.  We're proud to leverage our stability and financial clout as an asset to our clients - no other asset value maximization firm boasts the resources to do so much - or do it so well.

Companies that do business internationally need an asset value maximization partner with an extensive network of resources - a network that crosses borders.  With offices in the United States, Canada and the United Kingdom, SB Capital Group is positioned to meet the needs of companies that seek to respond to the changing climate of the global marketplace.  Our clients benefit from our international business holdings, strong relationships with financial institutions worldwide and our global network of real estate contacts.  When we put these resources to work, our clients see more global opportunities.

With SB Capital Group, asset value maximization is more than just a service - it's the confidence of knowing that every option has been pursued.  It's turning those options into opportunities.  SB Capital Group - now all the options are yours.